Kawartha Trans Canada Trail

Kawartha Trans Canada Trail

Running between the Region of Durham and Peterborough County, the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail is a type of multi-use trail funded by the Trans-Canada Trail Foundation and the Pan-Am Legacy Fund. A 44-kilometer section reaches the Durham Region border and passes through the City of Kawartha Lakes, linking farmland, parks, and local communities. The trails offers great opportunities for outdoor activities and is the favorite place of nature lovers.

History and Construction Works

The scenic trail has a long history dating back to 1858 but was only recently completed (2014). The section was built in just five years and during this period, some 200 volunteers participated in the project with skills, labor, and ideas. Recent construction works will make the Trans Canada Trail the longest in the world, with over 400 recreational sections. The network spans 18,000 km and links communities all over the country. In 2009, a little over 73 percent of the trail was completed, with a total of 83 projects underway across Canada. TCT’s national director Tim Hoskin explains that it was more difficult to secure financing and land permissions than to actually build the trail. Local handymen helped with the details and finishing touches, handled repairs, and monitored the construction crews.

The construction of the trail offers benefits to local communities that were about to slowly vanish from Canada’s map. The hamlet of Reaboro, for example, now only has a post office and a handful of old houses while in the past, there was a church, school, cheese factory, sawmill, and even a train station. The trail offers a great opportunity to meet friends, fellow villagers, and visitors. This is also a great opportunity to revive the economy in local communities. Visitors shopping in villages along the trail can help do this. The focus is mainly on accommodation, the retail business, and restaurants and cafes. The good news is that in the view of experts, visitors are expected to contribute more than $150 million to help revive local communities. Plus, 8 schools are located along the Kawartha section, and this is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and enjoy diverse activities.

There are some challenges to meet, one being financial considerations. More money is needed to maintain the section and promote the trail so that more and more people learn about it and use it for sports and recreation. It is important to promote the Kawartha section as a safe and easily accessible trail for visitors of all ages, including families with children. Different activities and events are organized to promote the Kawartha section, including digital photography workshops which are free to seniors. Online promotion through links and logos also allows the trail officials to reach a wider audience. As a result of this, more and more cyclists use the trail already.


The trail can be used for different purposes, including skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, walking, cycling, running, walking, and hiking. The rail is perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in winter. Dirt bikes, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles are not allowed. Snowmobiles are permitted, however. Pets on a leash are allowed but pet owners must clean after them. Visitors enjoy a diverse landscape, from local communities and farmlands to wooded areas and wetlands.
The Kawartha Lake municipality also features a serene landscape with lush greenery, sumac, dogwood, maple, and spruce, sprinkled with orioles, cardinals, and bluebirds.

Parking Locations and Special Events

There is plenty of parking space at different locations, including the Omemee Beach, Logie Park, Memorial Park, Fleming College, and Eldon Road. Roadway parking is also available on Ackison Road, Lily Park Road, Orange Corners Road, and other locations. There is an option to rent a bicycle as well. What is more, the trail can be used for special events such as bikeathons, walkathons, and marathons. Permits are responsibility of the event organizer.

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Kawartha Trans Canada Trail

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